My Doily Rewards Loyal Customer Program

My Doily Rewards Loyal Customer Program is my way of rewarding my wonderful customers!
I appreciate you all, and want to thank you for your business. Earn 10 doilies, and you’ll receive a $50 shopping spree from me…I even pay the shipping & tax!

How To Earn Doilies:
You earn one doily for every $50* you place on an order AND by using the current month’s host code (see below to know when to use it and when NOT to). Orders cannot be combined to reach a $50 increment. A $65 order* earns one doily. A $105 order* earns two doilies, and so on.

When You Must Use the Host Code:
$50-$149. 99 orders* placed at my Online Store MUST use my current monthly host code in order to earn 1 or 2 doilies. The current Month’s Host Code is located at the top of the right column of my Create With Christy blog.

When NOT to Use the Host Code:
$150+ orders* placed at my Online Store should NOT use my current monthly host code. This way, you’ll receive Stampin’ Rewards from Stampin’ Up!® You’ll still qualify to earn your doilies…at least 3 doilies, too!

An Easy Way to Remember When to Use the Host Code:
If your order is under $150*, USE the current monthly host code.

A New Monthly Host Code is Available the 1st of Every Month:
The current monthly host code will be located on the top of the right column of my Create With Christy blog. I’ll also include it in my newsletters (Subscribe Here).

Why Must You Use my Monthly Host Code?
My monthly host code helps defer some of the costs of my Doily Rewards Loyal Customer Program. Using my monthly host code with orders under $150* enables me to give you more spending money for your shopping spree than I normally could afford!

What You Get When You Earn and Redeem Your 10 Doilies:
  • An absolutely FREE Stampin’ Up! Shopping spree from me! You’ll choose up to $50* in FREE, current, Stampin’ Up! Products. I even pay the shipping & sales tax! (Clearance, host exclusive products, and promotional offers are excluded.) Note:  You are responsible for keeping track of your orders and doilies. You can keep track on my Redemption Form.
  • I will place your Stampin’ Up! Shopping Spree order within 4 business days of me receiving your doily redemption form – Click Here for form.
  • Doilies do not expire!
  • You’ll also receive the current month’s “thank you” card! It will be mailed to you by the 15th of the month after your order was placed. Click Here to see the card. The current month’s card will be the first one shown. The ones shown after are the past month’s thank you cards.
  • Terms & Conditions of my Doily Rewards Loyal Customer Program are subject to change.
How To Start Earning Doilies:
  • Place an order at My Stampin’ Up! Online Store – Click Here
  • Add items to your shopping bag.
If Your Order is Under $150*
  • Click the Shopping Bag Link to go to the shopping bag.
  • Enter the current monthly host code (located at the top of the right column of my Create With Christy blog) into the host code box, and click "Apply". (Do not enter it in the "Manage Coupon Codes" field.) See shopping bag picture below.
  • Click “Continue Shopping" if you want to add more items, or click "Checkout" to finalize your order.

If Your Order is $150* or More
  • Once you have added all of the items you want, look at the “Congratulations, you have $XX.XX in Stampin' Rewards available to spend!” to find out what Stampin' Rewards you've earned. It’s located under “You are shopping with Christy Fulk” at the top of the page.
  • Add your Stampin’ Rewards products by going to a product you want and clicking on the “Claim Rewards” button instead of the “Add to Bag” button.
  • After adding your Stampin’ Rewards, click “Checkout” to finalize your order.
You will earn one doily per $50* ~ Examples:
  • Place a $49.50 order* = No Doilies
  • Place a $65 order* = 1 Doily
  • Place a $101 order* = 2 Doilies
  • Remember – orders cannot be combined to earn a doily.
Other Things to Know:
  • Shipping, sales tax, and any amount paid towards Stampin’ Up!’s Stampin’ Rewards Program are excluded from qualifying for a doily. “Amount paid towards Stampin’ Rewards Program” includes any amount over the earned Stampin’ Rewards total and 50% off item.
  • You are responsible for keeping track of your orders and doilies. To help you keep track, Click Here for my Doily Rewards Redemption Form.
  • Doilies do not expire.
What To Do When You Earn 10 Doilies:
  • Submit your filled out Doily Redemption Form by emailing it to me at (attach the form to the email). The form also includes a place to list what products you want for your shopping spree. Get the form HERE.
  • Your Shopping Spree Order cannot exceed the $50* limit.
  • You pay nothing for your Shopping Spree Order! I pay all of the shipping & tax, too!
  • Once I’ve confirmed your qualifying orders, I’ll place your Shopping Spree Order. The order will be placed within 4 business days. Please allow up to 2 weeks for standard delivery of your order.
  • Note:  Retired, Clearance Rack, Host-Exclusive Products, and promotional products are excluded as Shopping Spree Order choices.

*before shipping & tax AND after any redeemed coupons

FYI:  This is separate from my technique club orders and stamp camp/class orders. These orders already get their own perks, so they don't earn doilies.

If you have any questions at all, please comment below.

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